Economy in MetaGox:

The opportunity to build new types of business models with this player-driven economy both in terms of revenue model and tokens.
$MTG will provide immediate liquidity to players and investors. The $MTG token valuation is calculated on what players will be able to build/play/trade/earn within our metaverse. Our goal is to replicate real-world economic systems, with players able to buy, rent, hire, vote, bet, etc.
The main income streams will be the following:
Company Asset Token: Sales of assets created and developed by the company (LANDS, ASSETS, Attributes, others);
Transaction fees: MetaGox will charge 5% of all transaction volume made in $MTG tokens (Transaction Fees) that will be used in Development, Marketing, Liquidity and Equipment.
Player Subscription Fees: The revenue we will generate through various subscription models to gain access to exclusive game features, Premium ASSETS, etc.