What do we plan now?

We have a strong product roadmap and a team to execute on a strong vision to build a unique virtual world gaming platform.
Where gamers can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences and spread the power of Blockchain as the leading technology in the gaming industry. In the short term, we are making significant progress. This will be complemented by the public launch of $MTG.
As such, we hope to make $MTG available to individuals and corporations in order to increase its liquidity and availability with the primary goal of helping the community grow and flow in the ecosystem.
We plan to make it accessible to the community through multiple ways with controllable supply mechanisms, such as buying $MTG on multiple exchanges. As the community grows in terms of the number of creators, players, and assets traded on the market, there could be a greater need for $MTG within the ecosystem.
Therefore, although the total supply of $MTG is fixed, the initial amount of $MTG offered will provide a scarcity effect by reducing the $MTG available, encouraging demand.