Gaming experience:

The gaming experience on the new MetaGox platform will be released through several intermediate phases, with increasingly complex features in each phase. When the alpha releases, players will be able to play the game and just roam the map.
The gaming experience will make MetaGox a strong blockchain-based alternative to existing platforms like The Sandbox and Decentraland (MANA).
We hope that a wide variety of audiences will enjoy the gameplay experiences in the MetaGox metaverse. We've identified some of the types of games that creators will be able to make for them:
● Social experiences: The marketplace will allow creators to fully decorate their spaces with beautiful settings and structures such as a fairy wonderland, a medieval city, or even a futuristic space station.
These types of experiences can attract communities of gaming friends who come together for activities that combine gaming and social elements.
● Build and Craft: Our map is ideal for creators to carry out Building & Crafting experiences.
Creators will be able to provide players with interesting experiences such as building competitions, create their own game spaces. All of these tools and mechanics will be able to interact with the terrain to modify it, build on it, or even destroy it entirely.
● Exploration and Adventure: Solve the mystery of Perpetuum Tower, slay the Haunted Crattar, and more!
Creators will be able to bring storytelling, exploration, and adventure gameplay to their LAND. Each new LAND will be different, offering new potential to discover new LANDS, meet new people, and discover never-before-seen secrets.