Game with Blockchain and NTFs:

The MetaGox virtual world uses Blockchain technology and NFTs to empower gamers and creators. NFTs are an emerging segment in the global gaming market: virtual tokens for digital scarcity, security, and authenticity. Each NFT is different or unique, it is indivisible and it is not interchangeable with another.
US dollar.
Not exchangeable.
Uniform (all are the same)
Different or unique.
Comparison of Fungible versus Non-fungible Tokens

Through the use of NFTs, MetaGox users can benefit from:

REAL DIGITAL OWNERSHIP: Players are the true and perpetual owners of their digital items, even if the game has been closed or abandoned. With Blockchain, all game items can be tokenized, allowing players to decide how they want to trade, sell, or give away their items.
SECURITY AND IMMUTABILITY: Digital game objects can be easily tokenized and traded on primary and secondary markets managed and facilitated by Blockchain technology. Items based on scarcity and demand often invite fraud and theft, but these risks are minimized on the Blockchain because it is a distributed ledger.
TRADE: Blockchain-based gaming platforms can provide users with ultimate control over their digital assets. They can freely buy and sell items without worrying about being scammed or a platform shutting down and canceling all the value of their in-game items.
INTEROPERABILITY BETWEEN APPLICATIONS: Blockchain provides the ability for games to use shared assets. Assets, avatars, lands and any other game items can be used in other games that allow it. These game elements are no longer confined by a narrow digital ecosystem.
The MetaGox metaverse uses tokens to create a circular economy between all user profiles that interact with its platform, i.e. players, creators, curators and land owners. These are the lands, assets, BNB and $MTG, a token based on the BEP20 protocol that will act as official currencies in the ecosystem when purchasing goods and services within the gaming market (among other rights).