$MTG is the utility token used throughout the MetaGox ecosystem as the basis for transactions and interactions.
It is a BEP-20 utility token built on the Binance blockchain. It will be used across the ecosystem by gamers, developers, and publishers, allowing creators and gamers to share games and build a user-based rewards platform, while developing an ecosystem where creators and gamers share gaming experiences. really unique.
Digital ASSETS generated by users are represented as BEP-20 tokens. To ensure permanent scarcity and verifiable scarcity of non-expendable items, we use the BEP-20 token standard. Each article has a unique identifier and, optionally, unique properties stored as metadata.
$MTG can be used and acquired by Artists, Creators, Players and Land Owners through multiple ways, as described below:

What each profile will USE $MTG tokens for?

Year 1
1- Assets.
2- Buy Gems.
1- Acquire assets.
2- Publish games.
3- Buy lands.
1- Buy lands.
2- Combine LANDS in Estates.
1- Acquire $MTG on Exchanges
Years 2-5
1- Rent lands.
2- Create Prize Pools.
1- Play games.
2- Buy ASSETS, Avatar Skins & Equipments.
1- Buy Portals.
1- Stake MTG$

What each profile will GET $MTG tokens with?

Year 1
1- Sell assets.
2- Stake $MTG
1- Event Rewards.
2- Stake $MTG
1- Event Rewards.
2- Sell Gems.
3- Stake $MTG in his LAND.
1- Rent LANDS.
2- Sell LANDS.
3-Stake $MTG in his LAND.
1- Stake $MTG.
Years 2-5
1- Work For Hire.
1- Monetize Games.
2- Work For Hire.
Players: Players will be able to earn $MTG tokens while playing the different games uploaded to the MetaGox ecosystem. You can earn $MTG by killing a Legendary Crattar, opening a chest, or even completing a quest; almost endless possibilities can be created in games;
Skill-Based Challenge: Players may pay an entry fee to participate in a challenge such as a race, card game, battle royale, or any other type of competitive contest. The winner takes the entire prize; The creator of the experience can take a % of the total fund for creating and hosting the experience.
Tips system: A player who is also a streamer can receive small amounts of $MTG tips based on their performance, either by entertaining their audience or being good at the game they are playing.
Creators: Income from asset sales: Creators will be able to sell their assets on the market, receiving 100% of the $MTG price of the asset;
In-Game Purchases: Experience creators will be able to set up many different monetization systems that will allow them to charge players $MTG for exclusive content. These monetization techniques range from purchasing items to stat boosts, subscriptions, or even game entry fees;
Creators Fund: In the early stages of the ecosystem, we will have a rewards program to incentivize creators to fill the market with amazing creations and in return be rewarded with a generous sum of $MTG tokens;
Art Challenges: We intend to maintain a community-centric approach to the marketplace, and with that in mind we've decided that we're going to hold Art Challenges where creators will be able to upload one of their ASSETS for a chance to win a prize of $MTG tokens, if your ASSET receives the highest number of votes from the community;
Crowdfunding requests: We will enable a section of the market that allows individuals and groups of users to request a certain type of ASSETS in exchange for a payment of $MTG, contributed by all applicants.