Game Description:

MetaGox is an ecosystem for Players and Creators, consisting of two main components: a Low Poly Editor (called "MetaGox Maker"), a Marketplace, and the Game itself.
MetaGox offers a unique way to create, assemble and share 3D FlatPoly models. We provide creators with intuitive and powerful content creation tools. You can create your own 3D Low Poly objects, animate them and publish/sell them on our world market.
MetaGox Maker is our 3D tool that allows anyone to create or import their own Flat Poly objects, work on them, and effortlessly export them to the marketplace where users can convert them into limited BEP-20 tokens called ASSETS. ASSETS are virtual tokens for scarcity, security, and authenticity.
They are unique/limited, as well as distinct and indivisible. Blockchain allows creators to have true ownership and thanks to this technology we as developers can finally reward gamers for their time and hard work that they put into creating content by allowing them to freely monetize and market their content. ASSETS.
The Market is the trading environment for assets, where they can be given away or sold to other PLAYERS.
The Game is the general game system where you can enjoy and share playable experiences. In the Game, not only creators can profit from their creations, but players can play to win by collecting resources, rewards, and tokens.