Map – Lands:

The persistent map determines a player's specific ground coordinate. In most Blockchain games where player domains are sold as real estate, the specific location of a domain is of utmost importance as it will determine who and what is next to it. Similarly, in MetaGox there are a finite number of LANDS and their location is initially determined on the map, and cannot be moved from one world map coordinate to another.
This structure has several advantages: Players can combine terrain to create a larger play space with and near their friends.
Friends can cooperate in creating these larger experiences by building experiences within the combined grounds and thus sharing the rewards (whether financial or purely social or artistic).
There is also a financial incentive for players to work together through a combined EARTH. For example, if multiple players join together they can create a "Somewhere Themed" experience, with each member focusing on a key attraction, or members can focus on different neighborhoods that together create a "city" experience.
In each case, the team effort allows players to cooperatively create a greater incentive for players to visit and enjoy their creations, and more visits translate into more revenue to be shared. It's true that a single player with a land can keep all the revenue from that land, but a larger and more diverse collection of land combined can increase revenue.
Larger and more diverse collection of Merged EARTHs can increase financial sharing rewards by charging, for example, a SUPER PASS that allows a player to visit all game experiences of a Merged EARTH, with SUPER PASS revenue being shared among all players. owners of said LAND.
There will be limits on LAND pooling to prevent certain conglomerates from having too much control and power against solo players.