MetaGox Maker:

MetaGox Maker is the modeling software that allows the artist to rig models and animate them using an easy to use keyframe interpolation timeline.
Modeling: Allows you to model your own Flat Poly art - what makes modeling in MetaGox Maker different is that it is geared towards artists.
That convenience is thanks to an easy-to-use interface, powerful tools that allow artists to model anything they want, but also stay connected with them all the time to hear their feedback, what would be nice to have, and most of all what they want. it would make your life using MetaGox Maker much easier.
Animation: This is where MetaGox Maker comes into its own. MetaGox Maker uses a hierarchical skeleton system, like those used in professional 3D software such as Maya, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, etc., which allows the artist to rig anything he wants and be ready for animation. It is the only Low Poly modeling software that allows you to model and animate your ASSETS.
Once the skeleton is done, the artist can create any type of animation by moving the different parts of his model with an easy to use timeline. The timeline works like a video editing timeline, using layers to represent which part of the model is moving and creating keyframes to set position, rotation, and scale. The magic happens thanks to the interpolation of these keyframes that the timeline does in the background.
Export: MetaGox Maker allows the artist to export their creation in . VXM and. VXR, formats that our market and games use to create a super fluid communication between the parties. In addition, it also allows you to export in the standard formats like .OBJ and .OBJ as well. DAE and. GLTF for models with animations.